Your #1 Defense
Against Fraud is an AI-based Fraud
Prevention Service

Your #1 Defense
Against Fraud. is an AI-based Fraud
Prevention Service

Your #1 Defense Against Fraud is an AI-based Fraud
Prevention Service


We assess the underlying human intent in any scenario to safeguard your business

Using our unique blend of AI, behavioral science and bio-signal processing, we equip you with powerful insights to better understand the integrity of the individuals you need to trust.

Creating trust in every interaction

Applying real world integrity assessment expertise to secure your processes


We value your privacy and adhere to the highest standards of privacy protection. We do not gather nor share Personal Identifiable Information nor does our app collect any private financial information.


We leverage behavioral science, AI, and computer vision with subject matter expertise from elite government security experts. Implementing years of professional real world integrity assessment experience into our solution.

Convenient offers a fast, automated, affordable and easy to use solution to validate any statement or disclaimer. Our solution saves crucial time in assessing intent, allowing you to optimize your validation processes.

Prevent Fraud
in Your Organization

How it works


Administrator chooses the
assessment on the
admin site.


Invited participant receives a text or email invitation to download the app
(iOS/ Android compatible).


Participants can perform the quick assessment from the comfort of their couch or wherever they choose.


The assessment comprises a few simple yes/no questions, which the participants are asked to answer truthfully or as instructed.


The app monitors and records participants’ bio markers signals in real time using just the smartphone camera.


An integrity score is generated and viewable by the administrator from the admin site.

Analyze Authenticity With Ease

Remote & Contactless

Our solution is non-invasive and can be used conveniently anywhere, any time.

Zero Hardware

No equipment required, our solution includes a user-friendly mobile app. ​


Intuitive system with step-by-step instructions. No training or field experts needed.

Cost Saving

Prevent costly financial consequences by detecting fraudulent intent from the outset.

Scalable & Efficient

Automate your processes. Administer unlimited assessments , generate scores instantaneously.

Highly Adaptable

We customize our fraud
prevention solution to
your global
industry needs.

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