Breaking Down Barriers.

Building Trust. reinvents fraud detection for the modern market. The AI-based platform enables remote non-invasive testing, with maximum accuracy and ease of use.  

Build trust using only your smartphone! created the world’s first bioscience-based fraud detection platform that only requires a smartphone. Our revolutionary platform provides highly accurate fraud detection in a remote and contactless manner and easily validates statements or disclaimers.
This process creates foundations of trust to scale your business
and build trustful relationships with clients and employees.

Operates with any Smartphone

Available Anytime, Anywhere

10-Minute Testing

Zero Training

Highly Adaptable

Cost Effective

Cross -Sector Solutions

Our extensive and unique experience in fraud detection from years of service in Israeli security agencies
has allowed us to form a solution that easily fits all digital platforms
to validate trust between people and companies in countless diverse sectors.

Our Technology

Utilizing proprietary AI and machine-learning based algorithms, analyzes bioscientific and cognitive responses to determine whether the participant can be trusted. The result is a fast, automated, transparent, affordable, and flexible solution that provides accuracy similar to physical tests.


The participant receives a link, and downloads the app.

They enter a private and secure account and provide relevant details.

A short, discrete, and non-invasive test is held anywhere, anytime.

The test administrator receives results and insights within minutes.

Trusted by


Avivit Yorkevich

Co-founder And CEO

Senior officer and polygraph R&D expert in the Israeli security services with 20+ years’ experience. APA and IPA member. Senior security clearance as an evaluation consultant to the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Yossi Penias

Co-founder, COO

Senior officer in the Israeli security services and humint expert with 20+ years’ experience. Specializes in advanced polygraph and lie detection methods.


Jacky Hazan


Sr. high-tech exec with 2 decades of experience leading cross-functional teams and launching commercial products to millions of users.

Alon Moradov

Data Scientist

Over 10 years of experience working at the Cyber Security Dept, Israeli Air Force. Led R&D initiatives in detecting sophisticated cyber attacks.

Anael Shomrai

R&D lead

Sr. Full stack software engineer. Head of R&D at Intervyo, built an AI-based recruitment solution on both web and mobile.

Board of Directors

Avi Kerbs

Chairman of the board

President and CEO of Teuza Management, Kerbs, who possesses over 20 years’ experience in high technology systems and management, launched Teuza in 1992. He serves as a director on the boards of most of Teuza’s portfolio companies. He also served as a director on the boards of several public companies, which are traded on the Nasdaq.  
Kerbs is a member of both The Technion and The University of Haifa’s Board of Governors and served as the chairman of the Scientific and Academic Club of The University of Haifa.

Advisory Board

Dr. Eli Opper

Chairman of the Technion’s Centennial Club, former Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor in Israel, former President of Europe’s Eureka R&D Fund, senior partner at Giza Venture Capital, VP R&D, VP Advanced Topics and GM of Rafael’s Electronic Systems Division.

Orit Stav

An international investment manager with over 20 years’ experience in venture capital and private equity. Orit represented Siemens Venture Capital in Israel and was a Partner at PNV. She serves as a Board Member in no less than eight public companies.

Dr. Or Yair

Ph.D from the Technion in Machine Learning, Signal and is considered an image-processing expert. He has over 10 years’ experience in algorithmic structuring and has worked with industry-leading companies on their most challenging projects (Microsoft, WD, RAFAEL, IAI, RADA, etc.).



Simply download it from all major app stores.

No. The automated, user-friendly app is highly intuitive and easy to use.

The test provides 85% accuracy, similar to a physical polygraph test.

Most tests are completed in less than 10 minutes. Some cases could a few minutes more.

Yes. The app is very intuitive and requires no training.

Yes, all you need are quiet surroundings, 10 minutes of concentration, and a stable internet connection – and your smartphone of course.

The test includes built-in breaks for maximum convenience. is available for all devices

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices
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