Create foundations of trust
in every vital interaction

Create foundations of trust
in every vital interaction

We protect you from fraudulent intent wherever needed

 Suitable for a wide range of diversified sectors  where protection from fraud is crucial, our solution is adaptable to many industries.



Validating claims is both an integral and vital cornerstone in the management of claimant cases. Each step of the process is labor intensive, time consuming and often affected by human error. We save you from the risks and high costs associated with fraudulent claims by accurately validating any statement or disclaimer efficiently with our automated human deception detection solution.


KYC is an essential process through which financial institutions assess the authenticity of customers. Authenticating KYC documentation is the process by which financial institutions endeavor to validate their customers’ identities and safeguard themselves from offering their services to anyone involved in illegal or fraudulent practices. Regardless, during this due diligence process, false positives can occur placing a significant burden on institutions, which is often unwarranted. Our data-driven trust validation solution assures the authenticity of your customers accurately mitigating the risks of false positives to improve operational efficiency.

Real Estate

Certifying the reliability of prospective tenants fortifies the tenant screening process. Comprehensive background checks are designed to reduce the likelihood of approving unsuitable tenants and safeguard the integrity of property assets. Current tenant approval methods lack the ability to evaluate actual tenant integrity. Our integrity assessment solution easily integrated into the tenant screening process will guarantee the reliability of tenants, knowing who to trust. 


Good hires are vital to the sustainability and evolution of any organization striving for success. To safeguard a reliable workforce, HR departments work tirelessly to assess candidate integrity. Regrettably, unconscious bias in the vetting process can lead to critical oversight, risking hires which negatively impact both the business and its culture. By applying our automated integrity assessments within your talent selection processes, you can uncover human deceptive inclinations across positions effectively.

Homeland Security

Homeland Security field agents constantly need to verify human declarations and testimonies instantly from border patrol checks to crime scene interrogations. Current approaches to detecting fraudulent intent are characterized by intricate equipment, high cost, and specialized training, and are inadequate in offering accessible and rapid remote validation. Our adaptive mobile solution arms security personnel with the power to assess deception urgently, preserving safety in varied critical scenarios.

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