How does Validit.ai trust verification work?
Clients send custom-tailored trust verification assessments to their selected participants using the administrator portal. Participants answer a series of questions on the mobile application, while physiological reactions are recorded in real-time. Trust scores are then analyzed by our AI scoring system and rapidly returned to clients on their portal.
How accurate are Valid.it assessments?
Validit.ai’s trust verification assessments provide 85% accuracy, similar to traditional polygraph testing.
How much does Validit.ai cost?
Contact our team here to book a demo and price estimation.
Is any technical training required to administer assessments using the Validit.ai platform?
No, the platform is user-friendly and straightforward. Our support team is available to provide assistance through our support line on the administrator portal or through our contact form.
What data does your app collect?
We do NOT collect any data in our application. We don’t store or share personal identifiable information nor does the app ask or collect any personal financial related information.Your name and email are only used for authentication reasons for signing into the app, nothing more. Facial areas/points are used to extract heart rate and other biosignals.
What happens if the participant requires a break during the test?
The test includes built-in breaks for maximum convenience.
Can participants administer tests to themselves?
Yes, the assessments are contactless and intuitive, allowing participants to self-administer tests whenever and wherever they choose.
Is any technical training or equipment required to take assessments?
No. The automatic and user-friendly application is very intuitive, easy to use and accompanied by explanations throughout all the stages of the process.
How long do assessments take to complete for participants?
Most tests are completed in less than 10 minutes. In some cases, assessments require a few minutes more.
Can the test be conducted while driving or outdoors?
No, you need to be in a quiet place where you can concentrate, a stable location with a secure internet connection – and you will need your smartphone of course.
What is Validit.ai?
Validit.ai is a mobile-enabled deception detection solution that leverages behavioral science, AI, and biosignal processing to minimize fraud and verify trust across a variety of industries and use cases.
How do I acquire the app?
The app can be downloaded from all the major app stores , however in order to take an assesment , you need to receive an invitation by SMS or email from your administrator in charge of administering the assesments.
What happens if the app crashes?
  • Exit the app
  • Close the “window” of the app
  • Re-enter the assessment
What happens if the app cannot be downloaded?
  • Check if there are active version updates for the device
  • For Android phones, the Android version should be 8.1 and above
What happens if there are no results and insights received at the end of an assessment?
The administrator should perform the following actions :
  1. Delete cookie files
  2. Disconnect from the admin
  3. Refresh the page
  4. Check whether the participant has completed the assessment and handled it accordingly
Can an administrator formulate the questions in the assessment?
The administrator can suggest themed questions that he/she would like to be included in the assesment but the assessment is specifically designed based on years of scientific research and follow the APA standards.