Generate powerful insights into
human authenticity
in real-time by leveraging
computer vision and AI

Generate powerful insights into
human authenticity
in real-time by leveraging
computer vision and AI

Merging Physiology, Computer Vision and Behavior Analytics for your validation needs

Highly accurate, fully automated,
patented technology using a unique combination of physiological monitoring, cognitive stress analysis and artificial intelligence to protect you from fraud. is a global pioneer in contactless fraud prevention via bio-signal processing and behavioral science

Our data-driven AI solution, backed by in-depth empirical research, enables remote non-invasive analysis and ease of use to validate statements rapidly.

Physiological Monitoring

Our app monitors participants' multiple bio-indicators to assess and identify deception in real-time.

Cognitive Stress 

Using unique psychological techniques, measures psycho-physiological stress.(PDD)

Artificial Intelligence

Empowered by AI, our remote  physiological sensors provide our prediction algorithms with heightened assessment accuracy.

Assessment Insights

 We've ingrained our integrity testing expertise into automated insights to provide you in-depth understanding into report outcomes.

 Real-time Analytics

Our assessment methodology reveals profound insights into human intent in real-time; allowing you to mitigate risk promptly.


Convenient, scalable and automated, our system enables global multi language access any time for you and your organization.

Redefining trust through
AI-based Validation leverages next generation Artificial Intelligence techniques to assess physiological stress readings in real-time. Our AI is designed to enhance scoring accuracy and prediction outcome.

We rely on computer vision to detect diverse sources of biometric data thus minimizing the unconscious bias typically evident in conventional integrity assessments conducted by human operators.

Product is a comprehensive deception detection solution, featuring a versatile, user-friendly mobile app and a feature-rich admin portal. Designed from the ground up with reliability and practicality in mind, we’ve harnessed the latest software engineering advances to turn our vision into a reality, placing trust validation literally in the palm of your hand.

Admin Portal

Our powerful browser-based admin portal (accessed over all major browsers) empowers administrators to effortlessly define and manage custom assessments for any use case and in any language.

  • Features a wide range of integrity assessment templates categorized by scenarios and use cases, validated by experts, and allows for the creation of custom questions to align with specific requirements.
  • Enables administrators to easily define and manage custom assessments for various use cases and languages.
  • Provides roles and permissions, giving account administrators control over team access and capabilities.
  • Empowers administrators and teams to manage and monitor assessments comprehensively.
  • Offers access to grouped or individual profile reports.
  • Facilitates auto-sharing of participant reports within your team or with relevant parties.
  • Supports organizational level administration for owners to control and monitor their entire companies, including subsidiaries and distributors.
  • Includes a comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard for real-time insights into assessments and team activities.

Mobile / Web App

While our integrity assessments may also be taken over web, our user-friendly mobile app, available on both Android and iOS mobiles and tablets, serves as a powerful tool for conducting integrity assessments remotely from anywhere.

  • Convenient and seamless user experience.
  • API integration ready, enables seamless integration with major fortified security and SOC2 encryption, CCPA complies with GDPR and CCPA
  • Multi-language compatibility, catering to diverse user backgrounds.
  • White-label ready, showcasing your organization’s branding and logo.
  • Continued performance enhancements with continuous feature releases.

Our AI-driven solution delivers accuracy comparable to the Golden Standard of Deception Detection, all while maintaining a remote, non-invasive approach. We prioritize ease of use, speed, security, reliability, and data privacy, making a versatile, efficient, and trustworthy choice for organizations across industries. With a focus on simplicity, empowers organizations to prevent fraud and build trust instantaneously.

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