Next October

The Next October initiative harnesses Israeli innovation to honor the memory of those lost in the October 2023 Hamas War. More than 1,400 innovative startup companies will commemorate the victims of the war, soldiers and civilians, while building innovative products and services which will be implemented globally and will make for a better world.

 A startup company is designated for each fallen soldier and for each civilian victim of the war. Next October will track the progress of the commemoration activities over the years, suggesting various initiatives for remembrance. Moreover, Next October adds ongoing value to its startups through mentorship programs, connections with investors and networking opportunities.

Startups participating in the Next October initiative commit to “doing good” as a core value.

They pledge to honor the victims of the war in various ways, depending on their capacity and while keeping in mind the legacies of the victims they will be commemorating.

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In memory of: Shoam Ben Harush

On October 7th, 2023, Shoam Ben Harush courageously gave his life in defense of our nation during the Hamas War. His bravery and dedication to protecting his fellow citizens exemplify the highest values of heroism and sacrifice.

Shoam was more than a soldier; he was a beloved son, a supportive brother, and a loyal friend. Known for his unwavering spirit and kindness, he touched the lives of everyone he met. His commitment to serving his country and his community will never be forgotten.

In honor of Shoam Ben Harush, our company,, is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that embody his spirit of service and excellence. We pledge to uphold the core values of “doing good” and making a positive impact on the world, in memory of Shoam and all the victims of this tragic conflict.

Through our work, we strive to ensure that Shoam’s legacy lives on, contributing to a brighter and more hopeful future for all. We are proud to be a part of the Next October initiative, and we are committed to commemorating Shoam Ben Harush through our continued dedication to innovation and community service.

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