AllJobs’s expansion into the field of reliability testing using

Photo of Liran Chen, CEO of AllJobs Placement Activities. Photo : PR

By Maayan Manala (Calcalist).

Translated and adapted from Calcalist for an English audience by Shaina Carlebach.

AllJobs will exclusively market’s technological solution in Israel. Liran Chen, CEO of AllJobs’ placement activities and leader of business development activities in the group stated: “This is substantial news for the reliability testing industry in terms of price, availability, accuracy and accessibility”.

AllJobs, the largest platform in Israel for recruitment and career management, is expanding its operations to the field of reliability checks for job candidates through cooperation with ,which provides a technological solution that replaces the need for a physical integrity assessment.

Integrity testing with the latest and most accurate technology

This new product will be marketed in Israel exclusively by AllJobs and developed and supplied by  It provides a solution which combines the highest level of accuracy with the knowledge and expertise of conventional integrity testing implemented into an advanced digital technological solution which uses only the subject’s mobile device camera to conduct the test. This service is intended for a wide range of employment positions that require a high level of reliability and security. It eliminates, in most cases, the need for a physical integrity assessment that is time-consuming for the examinees and might even lengthen and complicate the recruitment procedures. is a new Israeli start-up that provides integrity assessments and detects deception or fraud by a system based on the science of integrity testing yet in a completely non-invasive digital way via a smartphone. This quick, easy, and convenient test that is approximately 85% accurate provides an opportunity for companies to verify that the work teams and candidates for recruitment meet the integrity criteria important to the company. The partnership between AllJobs and allows both companies to provide these services exclusively to many customers in Israel and enables them to recruit employees easily, quickly, and safely.

Innovative value proposition

“The partnership with is an additional and significant reinforcement to the value proposition offered by AllJobs group, which in the last two years has significantly expanded the portfolio of solutions it offers to its business customers. Not only do we have a strong personal connection to the founders and are confident in the product with its exceptional and innovative value proposition, but we also believe that this is real news for the reliability testing industry from the perspective of price, availability, accuracy, and accessibility,” said Liran Chen, CEO of AllJobs’ placement activity and leader of business development activities in the group.

Disrupting the reliability testing domain 

The reliability testing domain has been dominated until now either by private polygraph institutes, consisting mainly of veterans of the security forces and the police, or by cognitive reliability tests (questionnaires), based on research conducted decades ago. In fact, these are areas to which digital technology has not yet deeply penetrated and it was precisely into this gap in the market that Avivit Yorkevich (CEO) and Yossi Penias (COO), retirees from the Israeli Security Service entered, when they founded about two years ago. Both have two decades of experience in investigations, integrity assessment and reliability tests.

Nomination for innovation

The technology they developed in the last two years has been recognized as innovative and ground-breaking by the Israel Innovation Authority and the Bird Fund – a joint research and development fund for the US and Israel. The company received development grants from both organizations, and within this framework it recently began cooperation with an American company.

”AllJobs group is a significant partner in our path and vision. On our joint journey we encountered this dynamic company managed by professionals. This is an organization with a deep understanding of technological innovation and an understanding that its integration is a necessary and victorious move for its customers. From the beginning of the path till the integration of the technology we developed, we discovered that we had partners with integrity, professionalism, and great commitment. With the help of the system we developed, we were able to shorten the placement times by more than 35% and the cost of employee screening by more than 25%,” says Avivit Yorkevich, co-founder and CEO of


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