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Avivit Yorkevich, Yossi Penias, Jacky Hazan – C-Suite of (credit: GUTS -Harel Innovation Hub)

Interview transcribed from GUTS – Harel Innovation Hub LinkedIn Post

In honor of International Women’s Day, GUTS – Harel Innovation Hub interviewed an outstanding entrepreneurial woman, Avivit Yorkevich, CEO of, in recognition of the amazing accomplishments of women everywhere.

GUTS asked Avivit a few questions regarding

1)  Could you give us a brief overview of what your startup does and what problem it solves?, is a venture developing a disruptive fraud detection and prevention solution using bio-metric measurement technology and polygraph-based methods.

Our technology uses everyday smartphone sensors to measure bio-signs changes combined with cognitive user input. That, combined with deep-tech AI and the founder’s unique domain expertise, enables us to offer a fully remote, contactless, zero-training technology.

Most importantly, our solution can validate any statement or disclaimer and detect deception remotely with the highest accuracy, allowing companies (e.g., insurance, finance, retail) to significantly minimize risk and save money and time.

2)  Could you tell us about the inspiration behind starting your startup?

As former officers within the Deception Detection Unit of the Israeli Security Agency, during our service, we had trouble validating source tips when the source was at an unreachable location (accurate validation is done by a polygraph test which is an imprisoning technique).  While looking for commercial technologies for validating statements remotely, we needed help finding accurate technology. As senior fraud consultants in the commercial industry, we discovered that the enormous pain point of online fraud across industries is even more comprehensive, and there aren’t sufficient accurate solutions. Moreover, the more the processes became online, the more deception cases increased. Our domain expertise in deception detection and polygraph methods drove us to develop a disruptive solution for detecting and preventing fraud online.

3) Why choose #GUTS?

Because we have Guts😊.

As one of the startups conducting a pilot within Harel Insurance, we work very closely with this corporate. We were impressed with the commitment, high level of human resources, technology, and dedication of the Harel innovation department and other departments within the company. The tools and opportunities that GUTS give us will be at least an added value, if not a game changer for

4) If your startup was a superhero, what superpower would it have and why?

Our superpower is the ability to validate any statement or disclaimer, to detect and deter fraud, and in turn help to build trust between people when needed.


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