Safegaurd your business by assessing the underlying human intent in any scenario

Written by Shaina Carlebach

In a landscape where trust is paramount,, an innovative solution developed by former security experts Avivit Yorkevich and Yossi Penias, provides companies with invaluable insights into the authenticity of individuals.

The Genesis of Validit

Reported by Zachy Hennessey of the Jerusalem Post, the journey of Validit’s founders unveils their mission to develop a solution capable of accurately validating statements or disclaimers remotely. Yorkevich, CEO, and Penias, COO, both former senior officers of the ISA, recall a critical mission where verifying information was pivotal, yet hindered by the inability to conduct a polygraph test on a remote informant.

Avivit Yorkevich, one of the founders of (credit: TECHSTARS TLV)

Recognizing the absence of a remotely administered, reliable deception detection solution comparable to the polygraph, they embarked on extensive research. Despite worldwide exploration of various commercial human fraud detection technologies—voice stress analysis, eye detection, cognitive stress—none met their standards.

This quest led to the inception of, leveraging over four decades of combined experience in deception detection and human intelligence from the ISA and the defense ministry. With a vision to eliminate presumption of dishonesty and foster trust, Penias underscores Validit’s role as a “trust filter” in remote interactions.

Yossi Penias, one of the founders of (credit: TECHSTARS TLV)

Empowering Trust Through Technology’s AI-based fraud prevention SaaS solution enables real-time validation of users’ statements on a mass scale by analyzing physiological biomarkers using any smartphone’s camera. Achieving an impressive 85% accuracy rate in detecting human deception, surpasses traditional polygraph implementations by leveraging ground breaking technology. “When you measure bioscience through a camera, there are almost 40 indications of the sympathetic system that can be gathered. The traditional polygraph can only measure five”, explained Penias.

Beyond its efficacy,’s scalability, efficiency, and compliance with GDPR and privacy regulations make it a preferred choice across industries. Penias elucidates on its diverse applications, including insurance claims, loan credibility assessment, pre-tenant screening, and recruitment processes.

 Looking Forward with Confidence

Yorkevich and Penias express confidence in’s potential to combat human fraud and foster trust in organizational settings. As they continue to innovate and refine’s capabilities, they envision a future where serves as the cornerstone for authenticating human intent, safeguarding businesses, and building enduring relationships between individuals and organizations.



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