Revolutionizing Recruitment:’s Integrity Assessment

Written by Shaina Carlebach

In an exclusive interview with James Spiro from Calcalist, Avivit Yorkevich, former ISA human-fraud expert and CEO of, sheds light on the groundbreaking integrity assessment developed by Validit for use in the recruitment process.’s Pioneering Approach

Spiro’s insightful article delves into Validit’s innovative application in the recruitment industry, particularly among employers grappling with high turnover rates. Employers leverage’s solution to gauge the integrity of potential hires, requesting candidates to complete a user-friendly app-based assessment comprising basic yes/no questions about their personality and past moral behavior. The candidate’s resulting ‘honesty level’ score is then transmitted to the employer for evaluation. 

Understanding the Integrity of Individuals

Yorkevich elucidates on the assessment process, which utilizes bio-signal processing and behavioral science to delve into the integrity of individuals. Drawing from her extensive experience as a polygraph expert in the ISA’s terrorist sector and interrogation department, Yorkevich, along with co-founder Yossi Penias, crafted’s approach to integrity assessments and statement validation.

Validit’s founders Yossi Penias and Avivit Yorkevich  (Photo: Hanna Taieb)

 The Science Behind

Yorkevich explains to Calcalist that lying triggers physiological responses in the body’s sympathetic system, leading to measurable changes in vital signs such as heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, and sweat. leverages these biomarkers to assess the authenticity of responses, providing employers with invaluable insights into candidates’ integrity.

 Privacy and Compliance

Spiro notes that prioritizes privacy protection, adhering strictly to GDPR regulations and refraining from storing video recordings of individual assessments. This commitment to privacy underscores’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of data security and compliance.

 Global Reach and Industry Adoption’s solution has gained momentum across four continents, including the Middle East, North America, South America, and Africa. In Israel, reputable recruitment companies such as the Fox Group and All Jobs have embraced Validit’s solution for HR reliability testing, with the latter serving as Validit’s exclusive distributor in the Israeli recruitment industry.

 Looking Ahead

As continues to make strides in existing markets and expand into new territories, Yorkevich and her team remain committed to driving growth and innovation in the recruitment industry. With’s integrity assessment at the forefront of recruitment practices, businesses can make informed hiring decisions, fostering trust and reliability in their workforce.









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