Would you take a lie detector test for your next job?

Validit.ai has developed a “reliability test” for employers seeking to analyze the honesty of potential recruits We are all accustomed to assignments during the recruitment process. Sometimes it’s a writing test, other times it might be an in-depth in-person interview that lasts longer than most. For Validit.ai, they’re betting that one of those stages might […]

These ex-ISA interrogators have reinvented lie detection

Avivit Yorkevich and Yossi Penias are the co-founders of Validit.ai, a startup lie detection platform that replaces the century-old polygraph with a basic smartphone. For the past 101 years, the most reliable form of lie detection has been the standard polygraph device (with a close second being Robert DeNiro’s bare hands in the 2002 comedy […]

Innovative reliability testing via mobile phone

No examination room, no professional tester and no physical measuring components. The application developed by former ISA interrogators makes it possible to identify fraud and deception remotely, using a mobile phone, and won its developers for its innovation from the Innovation Authority. The application we developed enables a reliability test to identify fraud or deception […]

Interview with GUTS -Harel Innovation Hub

​Happy International Women’s Day everyone! Today, to open our new #startups spotlight, we want to take a moment to recognize the amazing accomplishments of women everywhere, including Avivit Yorkevich, the CEO of Valid.it (Techstars ’22) We asked her a few questions about Validit.ai: * Can you give us a brief overview of what your startup […]