Unveiling the Risks in the Money Lending Landscape

Written by Shaina Carlebach In which direction is the lending industry going? Turbulent world events have impacted our lives, and many industries are now being forced to navigate unknown territory. Although the lending industry will always be a vital component in our lives, it too has been greatly affected by high interest rates and lenders […]

Impressive grant from BIRD for revolutionary HLS project

This blog was adapted from Calcalist . The incredible potential of Validit.ai ’s solution was recognized by the Israeli Innovation Authority and BIRD ,the Israel- US binational Industrial Research and development foundation. Nominated for its revolutionary technological innovation, Validit.ai received impressive grants from both organizations to assist in development of the solution both in Israel […]

What if you could discover the integrity of potential employees?

Written by Shaina Carlebach When it comes to building a strong and successful team, finding the right employees is crucial. And while skills and experience are often top priorities in the recruitment process, integrity is one key factor that is often overlooked. Pre-screening employees for integrity can benefit a company in terms of efficiency, reduced […]

AllJobs’s expansion into the field of reliability testing using Validit.ai

Photo of Liran Chen, CEO of AllJobs Placement Activities. Photo : PR By Maayan Manala (Calcalist). Translated and adapted from Calcalist for an English audience by Shaina Carlebach. AllJobs will exclusively market Validit.ai’s technological solution in Israel. Liran Chen, CEO of AllJobs’ placement activities and leader of business development activities in the group stated: “This […]

From False Claims to Foolproof Fraud Prevention: The Ultimate Guide

 Written by Shaina Carlebach Why are false claims dangerous for insurance companies? Fraud and false claims are rampant in today’s digital age, posing significant risks to businesses. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud (CAIF) has come out with a new study that shows the full extent of insurance fraud in the United States. According to the CAIF, total […]

Revolutionizing Recruitment: Validit.ai’s Integrity Assessment

Written by Shaina Carlebach In an exclusive interview with James Spiro from Calcalist, Avivit Yorkevich, former ISA human-fraud expert and CEO of Validit.ai, sheds light on the groundbreaking integrity assessment developed by Validit for use in the recruitment process.  Validit.ai’s Pioneering Approach Spiro’s insightful article delves into Validit’s innovative application in the recruitment industry, particularly […]

Safegaurd your business by assessing the underlying human intent in any scenario

Written by Shaina Carlebach In a landscape where trust is paramount, Validit.ai, an innovative solution developed by former security experts Avivit Yorkevich and Yossi Penias, provides companies with invaluable insights into the authenticity of individuals. The Genesis of Validit Reported by Zachy Hennessey of the Jerusalem Post, the journey of Validit’s founders unveils their mission […]

Innovative reliability testing via mobile phone

No examination room, no professional tester and no physical measuring components. The application developed by former ISA interrogators makes it possible to identify fraud and deception remotely, using a mobile phone, and won its developers for its innovation from the Innovation Authority. The application we developed enables a reliability test to identify fraud or deception […]

Interview with GUTS -Harel Innovation Hub

​Avivit Yorkevich, Yossi Penias, Jacky Hazan – C-Suite of Validit.ai (credit: GUTS -Harel Innovation Hub) Interview transcribed from GUTS – Harel Innovation Hub LinkedIn Post In honor of International Women’s Day, GUTS – Harel Innovation Hub interviewed an outstanding entrepreneurial woman, Avivit Yorkevich, CEO of Validit.ai, in recognition of the amazing accomplishments of women everywhere. […]